It's Time for a New Voice for Harlem

Housing grows faster than income.

Our home prices have escalated faster than income. The democratic political machine continues to take major contributions from real estate developers and insiders. This needs structural change.

Developers seeking tax abatements and special consideration make deals in Albany and City Hall and dis-regard the impact on our neighbors.

Our children deserve better schools.

The kids of this district deserve the best schools and the best teachers perhaps more than others.  The only way to improve the lifespan, the economic vitality, the health of any people must begin with a good education. 

You can't fight poverty by demanding that business increase the minimum wage.  You fight poverty with education, job training and a level playing filed.

Charter schools provide better outcomes and should be encouraged.

This district needs jobs. People need jobs to support themselves and their families.

I believe that people want to work and provide for their families. I know my neighbors believe this because I see it everyday. This district needs to become a center of job creation and innovation.  

Harlem, Upper Manhattan, Inwood, The Heights, South Harlem can become an incubator for new technologies and business just like other parts of this great city but we need leadership to make it happen.  

  • We must create a better environment for jobs to grow in the district.  
  • Reduce the puzzle of rules and regulations that only exist in New York City.  
  • Make it easier for startups to get financing or office space.
  • Use the buildings the city gives away to developers for incubators of innovation?
  • People in this district want jobs and they deserve leaders who insist on helping them.
  • The people of this district can grow and build businesses, create entirely new businesses and develop new ideas and tech - I know they can do it because they have done it before.
The Immigration Policies of the United States are broken.
It is wrong to blame immigrants for all of the problems in our economy when we use their hands to cook our food; their skill to build our homes; their backs to clean our homes, hotels and office buildings.  The process for admitting new citizens needs to be reformed.  Closing our borders is not an answer.  Closing our borders is not in our character.  
It is right to require a secure and orderly process for immigration.  All of our citizens, old & new, must follow the law but the law must be fair and equally applied.  Immigrates should be treated fairly.  Most of our ancestors immigrated to America - who are we to shut the door to opportunity?

America is a land of immigrants and newcomers and New York is its front door.  President Obama and the Democratic party have removed and deported more immigrant persons than ever before.  The Democratic party has made no real substantive changes to our immigration policy to help keep law abiding families together.

Our leaders must deal with the broken system - make it secure and fair.

Newcomers to America bring many valuable and important things and we cannot close our doors.

It's in New York that the Statute of Liberty sits in the harbor saying: give me your struggling masses yearning to be free!

  • Tony Evans has represented clients in Immigration proceedings.  Tony knows how the policies can be changed to very quickly become more balanced.  Tony has spent many days at Federal Plaza fighting for equal and proper treatment of immigrant families and children. 
  • Tony Evans is the only candidate in this race who has actual experience with the Immigration laws and policies of the U.S. Government. 
  • Tony Evans has donated his time and represented many immigrant families Pro Bono - providing them free legal support and assistance.
  • Tony Evans is the most qualifed candidate for immigrant families and their children.

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